me jimmy

Hey you! This is me, Jimmy. I’m a 4th-year Student Communication & Multimedia Design at The Hague University and my core values are quality and variety, with everything I do.

I love to go on hikes, visit techno festivals, make music and I take my camera everywhere I go. This all besides creating beautiful online experiences like websites, apps and other minimalistic designs.


source of unique ideas

error eagle

engaged listener

silver lining catcher

thinks things through

here and now champion

novelty seeker

loves beautiful design

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I'm always full of ideas and I love to think things out. I constantly jump from one idea to the other and if I hear a new good idea, I'll think of something to complete that idea. I like to think in my own way if it comes to problem solving.

I like it when everything's right. I can spot mistakes and errors quickly where others don't. I dislike mistakes and problems, including the ones that happen to myself. I see it where there's room for improvement and I'll make sure it happens too.

I like to have conversations that are really about something. Somehow I take care of the fact that people feel safe with me quickly. I'm a good listener and other people tell me their stories & secrets quickly. I like to talk about feelings with other people.

Life for me is a party and the glass is always half full. I easily see the positivity in the things that happen around me. That also turns out to be infectious for others. I see solutions everywhere. Even if everything seems to go wrong, I see the good things that we still can work with.

I'm good at listening to people: what they say helps me to understand it better. New information takes time to process in my head. When the puzzel's ready, I can say something about it. I like to think things through before I say something and it helps me if other people ask me questions.

I'm not inconvenienced by time. I enjoy moments in time as they happen and I do what joins my path or what's necessary to do at that particular moment. I enjoy doing multiple things on a day and to organise days to my ideal situation. I get energised from unexpected things.

I like new things and I'm always aware of new trends and developments around me. If something new fascinates me, I'm able to learn a lot about it. If the novelty is gone, my energy level lowers and then it's time for something new.

Sometimes, I spend hours making something (more) beautiful without even noticing it's already half 2 in the night. I put effort in creating the best online designs and I won't stop until i'm satisfied. I can also enjoy the beauty of nature where i'll totally unwind (see occasional savour). Finally, I like to make everyday things look better.

core values

helping out others
I like to learn and I like to teach. I like to teach what I learn. I love helping others out with their jobs and tasks, especially if I know a lot about the particular subject. I can read people quite good and I know how to react around them.
variety in tasks
I like to do a lot of different things (in a day). I stay away from routines and I try to create variety in the tasks I do. When this happens + I feel responsible for the tasks I do, I become unstoppable.
1000% accuracy
I don't do things for 50% or even 95. In everything I do, I strive for maximum accuracy and/in quality. I'm not easily satisfied and I think there's always room for improvement.


studies &

I have a working experience of 2.5 years in the marketing-design industry and 6 years of study-time in the field of design. Above that, I am running my own design business called uniq.design for 4 years.

Bachelor of Science, (Dutch: HBO)
Communication & Multimedia Design
Non-acadamic, (Dutch: MBO)
Secondary Vocational Education
/ Media Design
High school, Technical specialisation, Maths, Science, Physics, German, Dutch, Sociology
Experience maker & Founder / uniq.design, Dordrecht,
User Experience Designer / iO in Rotterdam,
User Experience Design Intern / iO in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Freelance creative director/ discoveryourflow, Nieuwegein, Netherlands
Customer adviser and service employee
/ Coolblue, Electronics Store,
Utrecht, Netherlands
User Experience Designer/ ANCHOVY. plc in Hamrun, Malta
User Experience Design Intern / ANCHOVY. plc in Hamrun, Malta
Freelance allround designer / MeJimmy Design Portfolio


Basic Level, Basic sentences & vocabulary. Very eager to learn more
Level C2, native speaker & writer
Sûdwest Frisian
Level B2, speaker
Medium Level, Basic sentences & vocabulary. Very eager to learn more
U.K. English
Level C1, business proficiency